The secret of Flawless Foundation is with the right Makeup Tools

Foundation is the trickiest part of doing makeup, especially when you are in a hurry or when you are self-conscious to look special. The idea is to create a flawless canvas with a shade as close to your skin tone and a thin layer yet a seamless coverage rather than a “not so thin foundation mask”.


The first task is to choose the right foundation shade, which can only come with experimenting and expert advice from makeup consultants. They will also guide you on the type of foundation to suit your skin, like liquid foundation is perfect for women with normal to dry skin while cream compact foundation and pressed powder foundation is for normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin. There are also special foundations for oily and acne prone skin with a matte finish. However, most foundation nowadays have ultra-light formula and are easily buildabe.


After acquiring the right foundation, its time to get the right tools like brush set and makeup sponges. Many feel their fingers are the best tool to blend makeup, but this takes experience.

makeup brush
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Electronic Makeup Applicator -Vibrating Makeup Sponge

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  Electronic Makeup Applicator, Makeup Sponge Powder Puff Uses Technology to boost your Makeup Skill.It’s.Ultra-speed fine and delicate vibration (12,000rpm/min) creates slippery motion to blend the makeup evenly than any other method and cover pores smoothly & evenly without letting … Continue reading

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Nicemay Vibrating Electronic Makeup Applicator Powder Puff


We all know Foundation is the base of the makeup. Before defining your look, applying foundation evenly and smoothly is most important. This product uses a revolutionary technology that helps you to create slippery motion by its ultra-speed fine and delicate vibration (5000rpm/min) to blend the makeup evenly than any other method and cover pores smoothly & evenly without letting you worry for areas with too little & too much!! This vibrating make-up powder puff also relieves tension on your face, smooths fine lines, de-puffs and makes skin super toned-up by boosting circulation, while giving you a perfect look every time!

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Best way to Create Flawless Makeup Base

make up applicator for perfect base

True ! Makeup is like jewellery for the face but you need a smooth and even canvas to play with colors , shapes and structures. Providing a perfect and flawless makeup base is the first step towards ensuring a perfect finish !! Here’s how to get your skin look flawless.

Step 1.

Start with a clean face, but don’t exfoliate before applying makeup as it can irritate your skin. Hot water can dry out your skin, so use lukewarm or cold water even if its winter. Consider using a non-soap cleanser instead of soaps which can strip your skin of its natural oils. Facial Wipes are convenient but are not effective enough to clean pores.

CTM routine for flawless makeup

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10 Top Ways to Ensure Flawless Makeup

The first thing that women envy when seeing photographs of models is their flawless makeup. It looks magical as though they have walked from the heavens without even one blemish. However, flawless makeup can be achieved by everyone, if we learn the right tricks. Here are some top 10 ways you can moonlight, and end up looking perfect.

1. Healthy skin is the first step towards a perfect makeup and for this, you need to pamper yourself. From eating loads of vegetables and fruits, to having enough water in order to hydrate your skin for that glowing finish. fruits and veggies for healthy skin
2. Sleep at least for 7-8 hrs because this reflects on your face.”Your skin, and your whole body, goes into repair mode when you sleep,” says Day, who wrote the book Forget the Facelift.sleep for flawless makeup
3. Remain stress free, that is easier said than done, however one can meditate, practice yoga and develop positive attitude as this brings calmness in you which again shows on your Continue reading

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Psychology of Makeup

ancient makeupAncient Greek Makeup

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”

This has been an everlasting phenomenon since the birth of human civilization. We yearn to be appreciated and for women, its their look that matters. One of the earliest discovery of makeup was found in archeological records of Indus Valley and Greek Civilization. Ancient makeup included clay, chalk mixed with water as foundation and powdered lead, copper, ash,burnt almonds for kohl. Perhaps these experiments paved the way to today’s lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes. During the 20th century, modern makeup evolved with the birth of motion pictures. Maybelline was born that claimed that every lady could look like their favorite movie stars.

makeup company

Thanks to commercialization and pop culture, makeup has become an integral part of every girl’s life. Every Woman has a different reason for applying makeup.. even those blessed with flawless skin love to brighten their face with a dash of makeup. It seems makeup does not imply the exterior face alone but also one’s mental buildup. Makeup makes you feel pretty, boosts your confidence and sometimes to look different.

Smart Power Puff Applicator Electric Makeup Brush Foundation Sponge Powder Puff

Smart power puff for flawless finish

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Smart Power Puff- Multifunctional Vibrating Brush for Professional and Easy Makeup

The world is going hi tech from flashy cellphones to fancy tabs that boast of bringing “the world in our hands”, so why not we use technology to boost our makeup skills. Makeup is essential for any young girl stepping from school into the world to make her mark. Makeup is essential as we are not all born like Katrina or Kareena with genetically flawless skin. Makeup is a must to camouflage all those hormone inflicted bumps and sometimes our emotions. Every girl knows, the importance of a good makeup as we love to be eye catchers instead of eye sores.

Electronic Makeup Applicator Powder Puff

Smart Power Puff – Electric Makeup Brush for Air -brushed Flawless Finish

However, makeup is a nightmare for some teenagers while some vouch by their specialized tools and techniques that they have mastered overtime. For beginners, makeup artists in Hollywood invented electronic powder puff based on vibrating technology. Using different combination of makeup brushes may sound alarming but electronic based applicators work like a magic wand.. effortless yet  efficient. Smart Power Puff creates slippery motion to blend the foundation evenly  and smoothly leaving a thin cover, allowing your skin to breathe naturally.

Smart Power Puff Applicator Electric Makeup Brush Foundation Sponge Powder Puff

Smart power puff for flawless finish

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