Smart Power Puff- Multifunctional Vibrating Brush for Professional and Easy Makeup

The world is going hi tech from flashy cellphones to fancy tabs that boast of bringing “the world in our hands”, so why not we use technology to boost our makeup skills. Makeup is essential for any young girl stepping from school into the world to make her mark. Makeup is essential as we are not all born like Katrina or Kareena with genetically flawless skin. Makeup is a must to camouflage all those hormone inflicted bumps and sometimes our emotions. Every girl knows, the importance of a good makeup as we love to be eye catchers instead of eye sores.

Electronic Makeup Applicator Powder Puff

Smart Power Puff – Electric Makeup Brush for Air -brushed Flawless Finish

However, makeup is a nightmare for some teenagers while some vouch by their specialized tools and techniques that they have mastered overtime. For beginners, makeup artists in Hollywood invented electronic powder puff based on vibrating technology. Using different combination of makeup brushes may sound alarming but electronic based applicators work like a magic wand.. effortless yet  efficient. Smart Power Puff creates slippery motion to blend the foundation evenly  and smoothly leaving a thin cover, allowing your skin to breathe naturally.

Smart Power Puff Applicator Electric Makeup Brush Foundation Sponge Powder Puff

Smart power puff for flawless finish

Benefits of using Electronic Makeup Applicator

Flawless finish every time – Smart powder puff uses ultra speed, fine and delicate vibrations to cover dark spots, patchy skin, dark circles and ugly pores. The vibration ensures that every pits and every marks are evenly covered giving you the “red carpet, airbrushed finish”.

No more Streaks – The coverage is so even,  the blending is so perfect that you do not have to worry about places with too much and too little !

2 in 1 Magic Wand – The Vibration motion accelerates the body’s regeneration of tissues and stimulates collagen production which indirectly helps in ironing fine lines and wrinkles. While using the electric makeup brush, you unknowingly massage your face, perfect your face shape and simultaneously delay aging.

Quick Makeup – Saves Time – This Auto foundation powder puff makes the process of applying makeup so easy and simple that you are done in less than you could ever imagine.

Multipurpose Powder Puff – Suitable for any type of cosmetic product, ranging from liquid foundation, BB cream, Sun Cream, Massage Cream etc, that requires complete absorption by the skin.

Do you want to apply your makeup like a pro to get that “red carpet flawless skin”, look? Do you long for an airbrushed finish in just about a minute?

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makeup applicator

How to use ?

Firstly dab the foundation or your preferred cream on your face. Then switch on the applicator and slowly move it over your skin with a slight pressure. The direction of movement will be similar to using any cosmetic brush, however, smart power puff ensures that every corner, every flaw is evenly covered. The long handle gives a firm grip and better control of the vibrator. The puff is washable but make sure it is completely dry when you insert it is back into the unit. The A+ battery can be easily replaced, ensuring long life of the applicator. The size of the puff is such that it is easily portable in a pouch or a handbag, ensuring that you get your perfect look every time and everywhere in a jiffy!


Electronic Makeup Brush – Use Technology to boost your Makeup Skill

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