Psychology of Makeup

ancient makeupAncient Greek Makeup

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”

This has been an everlasting phenomenon since the birth of human civilization. We yearn to be appreciated and for women, its their look that matters. One of the earliest discovery of makeup was found in archeological records of Indus Valley and Greek Civilization. Ancient makeup included clay, chalk mixed with water as foundation and powdered lead, copper, ash,burnt almonds for kohl. Perhaps these experiments paved the way to today’s lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes. During the 20th century, modern makeup evolved with the birth of motion pictures. Maybelline was born that claimed that every lady could look like their favorite movie stars.

makeup company

Thanks to commercialization and pop culture, makeup has become an integral part of every girl’s life. Every Woman has a different reason for applying makeup.. even those blessed with flawless skin love to brighten their face with a dash of makeup. It seems makeup does not imply the exterior face alone but also one’s mental buildup. Makeup makes you feel pretty, boosts your confidence and sometimes to look different.

Smart Power Puff Applicator Electric Makeup Brush Foundation Sponge Powder Puff

Smart power puff for flawless finish

However, makeup is essential for those suffering from pimples and other skin problems. It is very effective in covering those scars that also hurt your confidence. Women always want to look younger and attractive in the eyes of others,makeup becomes handy to camouflage those fine lines and cover age spots.

makeup applicator, makeup brush, smart power puffOver the years,science and technology have made different types of makeup suitable for different types of skin and their requirements. In fact, today’s woman has makeup choices that allows her to wear makeup as natural and flawless as possible. The electronic makeup applicator is one such advance tool that facilitates natural look. The vibrating technology ensures that only a thin layer of foundation covers evenly and smoothly while ironing fine lines for younger and glowing look every time you use it.


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