10 Top Ways to Ensure Flawless Makeup

The first thing that women envy when seeing photographs of models is their flawless makeup. It looks magical as though they have walked from the heavens without even one blemish. However, flawless makeup can be achieved by everyone, if we learn the right tricks. Here are some top 10 ways you can moonlight, and end up looking perfect.

1. Healthy skin is the first step towards a perfect makeup and for this, you need to pamper yourself. From eating loads of vegetables and fruits, to having enough water in order to hydrate your skin for that glowing finish. fruits and veggies for healthy skin
2. Sleep at least for 7-8 hrs because this reflects on your face.”Your skin, and your whole body, goes into repair mode when you sleep,” says Day, who wrote the book Forget the Facelift.sleep for flawless makeup
3. Remain stress free, that is easier said than done, however one can meditate, practice yoga and develop positive attitude as this brings calmness in you which again shows on your face.yoga
4. Exercise Daily because sweat  allows the sweat glands to increase their functions,cleans clog pores that plague your skin with pimples, increases blood flow to the skin and gets rid of toxins.It also boosts the skin to produce more of its natural oils that make skin healthy and supple.

exercise for healthy skin
5. Maintain a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime with products that suit your skin type.

Woman with cosmetic puff on face
6. Always wash your face before starting your makeup.

CTM routine for flawless makeup
7. Dry and flaky skin will result in cakey finish so always moisturize your face thoroughly before applying makeup base.moisturizing
8. When you apply foundation with your finger tips or with sponges, you are actually rubbing and smudging alternately, however, the movement should be circular from inside to outside.Apply-foundation
9. Blending is crucial for flawless finish as liquid makeup tend to deposit between fine lines, around the nose and lip area. This is where technology becomes handy with the help of vibrating make up applicator that glides smoothly with 1200 rpm providing 100% blending perfection.

cakey makeup
10. The electronic applicator also de-puffs the face, tones the skin, increases blood circulation, irons fine lines to give a flawless finish with a younger look.electric make up applicatorMakeup Applicator is the only effective and flawless method for applying makeup base smoothly and evenly without worrying about streaks are dark patches in just about a minute. So what are you waiting, get power into your hands with this magical wand that gives you instant makeover on the go!!


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