Best way to Create Flawless Makeup Base

make up applicator for perfect base

True ! Makeup is like jewellery for the face but you need a smooth and even canvas to play with colors , shapes and structures. Providing a perfect and flawless makeup base is the first step towards ensuring a perfect finish !! Here’s how to get your skin look flawless.

Step 1.

Start with a clean face, but don’t exfoliate before applying makeup as it can irritate your skin. Hot water can dry out your skin, so use lukewarm or cold water even if its winter. Consider using a non-soap cleanser instead of soaps which can strip your skin of its natural oils. Facial Wipes are convenient but are not effective enough to clean pores.

CTM routine for flawless makeup

Step 2.

Prep your skin. Always remember to never start makeup on dry and chapped skin because you need smooth skin for even application and radiant finish. Moisturize your skin with a rich moisturizer and allow it to get completely absorbed before starting with your makeup. If its still on the skin, the creaminess of the moisturizer can lead to thinning of the foundation and imperfect coverage.


Step 3.

Makeup primer is another important step for creating a perfect makeup base. It is essential because of is non-comedogenic property and ability to seal the pores which can be visible when using liquid foundation. Thus, they help decrease sweating through the pores, which makes the foundation stay in place longer. To camouflage the blemishes and under eye, pat the concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin tone, instead of blending it in.

under eyes

Step 4.

Pick the right foundation shade to adjust to your ideal skin tone. Foundation provides the base for the rest of your makeup so choose the most suitable type according to your skin type. Most liquid foundations have oil that help in blending. They provide sheer to medium coverage giving a smooth finish. Pressed powder foundations also provide light to medium coverage but can look thick and clumpy on oily skin and can make dry skin even drier. Cream foundations give full coverage leaving a matte and airbrush finish. You can wear cream foundation mixing it with some primer to get a more translucent finish that is long-lasting and also blends seamlessly with the primer layer  that is already on your skin.

vibrating makeup applicator

Step 5.

Whether you are applying foundation with a brush or sponge , it should look seamless and not opaque like a mask. Don’t stop at the jawline but blend it upwards with your face. Buff your foundation in a circular motion to remove any excess product, along the fine lines to give it a natural skin-like texture.. This is where the vibration technique helps to generate heat on the skin in order to melt the foundation and blend it into a thin film, giving 100% flawless finish. The electric make up applicator can also be used to apply the foundation in the first place for seamless finish.vibrating make up applicator

To get perfectly even makeup base the speedy way, vibrating makeup applicator

Ultra-speed fine and delicate vibration (12,000rpm/min) creates slippery motion to blend the foundation evenly than any other method and cover pores smoothly & evenly without letting you worry for areas with too little & too much!! This vibrating make-up powder puff also relieves tension on your face, smooths fine lines and makes skin super toned-up by boosting circulation, while giving you a perfect look every time!


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