The secret of Flawless Foundation is with the right Makeup Tools

Foundation is the trickiest part of doing makeup, especially when you are in a hurry or when you are self-conscious to look special. The idea is to create a flawless canvas with a shade as close to your skin tone and a thin layer yet a seamless coverage rather than a “not so thin foundation mask”.


The first task is to choose the right foundation shade, which can only come with experimenting and expert advice from makeup consultants. They will also guide you on the type of foundation to suit your skin, like liquid foundation is perfect for women with normal to dry skin while cream compact foundation and pressed powder foundation is for normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin. There are also special foundations for oily and acne prone skin with a matte finish. However, most foundation nowadays have ultra-light formula and are easily buildabe.


After acquiring the right foundation, its time to get the right tools like brush set and makeup sponges. Many feel their fingers are the best tool to blend makeup, but this takes experience.

makeup brush

Its very important to prep your face, from moisturizing your skin to applying primer to create a soft & nourished facial texture. First dab your preferred foundation in dots on the forehead, nose and on the outer side of the cheek. The idea is to blend it inwards either pounding with your fingers or stippling with your brush or a makeup sponge towards the center. Be careful to connect foundation downwards slightly to fade it into your neck and upwards to your hairline.

under eyes

One also needs to buff the foundation in order to blend into the skin for seamless coverage instead of sitting on top. This is the most crucial part of the whole makeup process or else you end looking cakey and fake.  However finding the right blending brush with dense bristles in straight line that absorbs less foundation and gives streak free finish is difficult without any expert guidance.

Tws-brush is one such site that specializes in the right makeup tools for a perfect finish. They have electronic makeup applicators which use vibration of 1000rpm to melt the foundation on your skin, giving you 100% coverage without worrying for areas with too little or too much, just enough to give you an even tone and flawless base.


The makeup brush sets are sourced from internationally acclaimed manufacturers specializing in synthetic bristles that are bacteria free, long lasting yet soft and sturdy for effective use. The makeup blending sponges are also designed for impeccable application with minimum product waste. With, one can easily acquire the right makeup tools that not only ensures long lasting wear but also for creating absolute perfection YOU!!


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